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Ad/Listing posting rules
Posted by Abhay J on 18 September 2014 07:32 AM

All postings/listings/ads on Truckaurbus must follow some basic rules. These rules ensure a safe, protected and a fair environment for everybody. Realizing what's permitted can help you abstain from breaking the accepted standards and help everyone have a great experience.

Below are some of the generl rules of posting an ad/listing. Some categories may have additional rules applicable, please be sure to check them.

1. Only users of age 18 and above are allowed to post or add new ads.

2. Post in the most relevant category. if your ad/listing matches two or more similar categories, post only in the once that is MOST relevant. if you are undecided, sort help from a Support center executive.

3. Please abide by the Fields of the Ad posting form.
a) No phone number or email in the Ad title or description must .
b) Phone numbers must be included in the phone/mobile field only.
c) Email ID must be similarly included in email field only.
d) Photographs posted must not include any contact details.
e) No URL link must be included the title/description field.

4. Ads that are posted with improper fields will be put in 'Suspended' or 'Inactive' mode. Continuous or repeated deliberate impropriety will lead to your account being suspended.

5. All details included in your Ad posting must be true and verifiable. Please abstain from misquotes and misleads.

Read more about Category Specific rules.

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